Any object that has the "reflective" post processing effect applied to it is clearly visible through smoke. This includes glass (building windows, car windows), sunglasses, and goggles. This is the case regardless of video settings, I've tried a number of different options and the problem exists no matter what I change.

![0_1594150295753_d9d41053-e2be-4195-bc8e-0c32806b6450-image.png](Uploading 100%)

The problem with glasses/goggles being seen is obvious, but seeing these windows through smokes also allows players to be seen if they are stood in front of those windows... You get a clear silhouette and can shoot them through smoke. This is a huge issue and really makes smokes feel unreliable. I searched this issue on the forums and saw posts from mid 2019 reporting this issue.... why the hell is this still a thing??