New game modes!

Soooo any possible update on Ambush? Also I still think it would be a very refreshing breath if you guys brought back one of my other favs “Occupy”...! This is of course my opinion.

Im not familiar with those game modes but I would like them make like a battlefield style rush. Its the same as the game mode push in this game but you actually have to do something else not just stand around an objective. Or like operation style where depending on the outcome of the last battle there will be another scenario. Would be cool if like there would be a mission on the security to blow up the truck supply of the insurgents and well the insurgents try to keep that from happening. Or the insurgents trying to sabotage the communication center of the security. It would some fresh air from just standing in a building and pushing forward.

@_LOBSTER_ Ya I understand the desire for game modes such as the ones you have suggested although I feel like push and frontline do fulfill those needs well enough and the player base is just not large enough to support adding more big game modes (at least right now)... but as far as Ambush is concerned it is not actually new to Insurgency technically and is just a very simple small map no respawn(one life) - escort a V.I.P to an extraction point Versus game mode. It was quite popular in the older Insurgency and by far my favourite game mode. They also have stated that Ambush would return to this version of Insurgency but that was a long time ago and I have heard nothing since. Occupy on the other hand did have respawns but just one objective that both teams fought back and forth to hold for a longer period of time kind of like a King of the hill type game mode but was once again smaller map orientated and in my opinion more intense because people weren’t spread out as much it was just a good old fashion firefight over one single objective... good battles from what I remember. Unfortunately for me I don’t think it was overly popular so I do not see that mode returning... one can dream but ultimately I would rather Ambush out of the two and I happen to know a bunch of people who told me when asked if they would ever jump from source to sandstorm that “only if ambush was added”. Anyways at this point I would pretty much just be happy with any one life - no respawn game mode! (Regardless how much I complain about other things lol)

Yeah. For coop too.
I'm getting tired of the slight gameplay variations we've had for now... Only crazy non-immersive stuff, a "hardcore" mode that basically simulates overweight soldiers that can't sprint in any way whatsoever, and mutators. Bring back hunt and survival ! Chekpoint is getting really boring and redundant.

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@planetcanada That sounds good... It just might be terrifying for the newcomers and they might just die die and die and quit the game with a bad taste. And I would also want to see this mode in action but make it a little more new friendly or somehow fun for the people who die as well. But either way sounds cool.