A cure fore the malicor and exploration and cartography bug (PC)

Hello everyone i wanted to tell you that im unable to finish the game due to some bug in the missions a cure for the malicor and exploration and cartography. For a cure for the malicor i just need to tell constantine aboud my discoveries in the sanctuary but constantine is nowere to be found. The quest marker is in the throne rom but he is not there and the same thing happens with the other mission, i have finish with all the objectives but the npc is not there (the quest marker is).

I just bought this game and for the most part I’ve been loving it. The only issue I have is how hard the map can be to navigate, especially when the objective is actually above or below where the marker has been placed. I find myself getting lost so often it’s really pulling me out the experience.

It’s hard to tell where there are stairs on the map, where elevators lead and at times to differentiate wether a corridor is part of the level I’m currently on or if it’s on a different level. This is also made harder by the text written all over the map as well covering up exits etc.
Kodi nox

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