Are the developers on holiday?

Where has all the support gone? After the nightfall release (and even before) there has been a lack of support through technical feedback on the forums and small hotfixes..

(almost a month ago and i'm still coping with constant crashes!) one of the many examples...

So what is going on NWI? And please be honest..

Anyway, they released a hotfix for some tiny stuff...didn't fix one of them (nice QA, there...) and the other one is a band-aid on top of band-aids.

Don't expect anything spectacular until the next update where they suggest they've been working hard on a backlog of bugs they need to fix...and then don't hold your breath for them to pass muster because they're getting a reputation for big promises and tiny outcomes.

I thought operation cleansweep was supposed to start right after 1.7 went live, so that means we would be in week 4/5? We just may hope hotfix 5 isn't the only progress of it..

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