We need to talk about P2W..

I've had a break from Insurgency and as I come back I find out skins are kept behind a paywall. Not only do I feel like this is against everything Insurgency has always been, as updates and such has always been free, but this is blatantly P2W.

You can argue the skins won't do much of a difference, and I'd probably agree with you, but should these skins give a theoretical 0.0001% more concealment, that is P2W. You're paying for something others can't necessarily get.

I have to say, I am deeply disappointed. You might not give a flying fuck about me, and you might think I'm a cry baby, but P2W is P2W, simple as that.

I had the highest respects for the team behind Insurgency till now. They weren't the regular scummy gaming company trying to squeeze every last cent out of you, bleeding you dry behind with bullshit at every turn, but this has changed my view completely.

@Connect So you mean like the Ghille suit that looks bad ass and is probably the best camouflage in the game? Yup you can’t have it unless u buy it...

Just because they released a dlc with nice red and blue skins, a robot-like outfit, and a ghillie outfit, did the game become P2W?
lol just NO. Buy yourself eyes.
And then it's not as if everyone has the dlcs! and finally when you see something red or blue (weapon skins): you can just as easily distinguish the enemy.

First of all: the Ghille suit is literally the most visible cosmetic in almost every terrain
(desert smear is free and its currently the best for concealment) nearly every other camo pattern is better then the ghille suit so I dont see how it could be P2W

Second of all: paid DLC was always comming, the devs have been talking about it since the alpha released, so I dont get why you are surprised. And dont forget, NWI is still a business, which needs income to keep the lights on. Do you really expect your one time 30 euro purchase will keep the company going for years? (or do you expect the devs to beg for money on the streets so you can have your precious free cosmetics) I'am perfectly happy with paying for some skins if that means we get consistent free content updates for years to come

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Yeah, it's really not that bad. I bought the game years ago and I don't think there's been anything I've had to pay for since then and they've been frequently updating and adding. So as far as money goes, the game has been fairly economical whereas I've seen bigger games charge $10 or more (think ubisoft) so that you can have access to a couple of guns or accessories.

I bought all the DLC just because it looked cool and it did not help me whatsoever, I'm still getting destroyed left, right and center.