I purchased this game last night after a friend recommended it, at first I thought he was joking, it’s now 10am and I played it for 14 hours straight. Pure enjoyment! Really impressed at how well The mechanics of this game work. Good job guy! Look forward to new updates and maps.

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There is a huge database of maps and vehicles that can be added manually, developed by various people in the modding community.
You just have to google it.
Mod available for PC only.

Thanks but alias I play on the Xbox x

Me too! Can't wait for more DLC and/or updates to existing maps (like leaving them fully unlocked once completed?)

@difflock66 they said another free dlc coming so im hoping at least 3 maps and 5 or more vehicles

It would be nice if you could adjust some of the perimeters of a map... like how many garage parts it takes to unlock a garage or how many stars you can bring to a map or how many loads a saw mill requires to complete the map. With 4 people play games are way to fast.

Agreed! Good idea to set parameters!

Have you ever seen that youtube channel : Channel Car Crash Compilation TV

Lots of siberia off road truck stuff !
Pavel and his team really made a great job with this game ! Impressive !

Yes! I've subscribed and watched all the extreme trucking ones. Not seen all the crawler ones yet. It's clear from watching the real life footage that you can see the attention to detail the developers have put into MudRunner. All we need is snow & ice and other missions/fully open maps.

@difflock66 Yeah It would be very nice snow, ice,rain and tracked vehicles!

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That's a great channel to compliment this game!

Nice to see positive feedback. I love this game, I originally stumbled on it just looking for any kind of 4-wheel off-roading game catering more to the simulation side of 4WD. The mud and water physics are great in my opinion, and the immersive feel of being in the back roads of Russia just added to the enjoyment. Not to mention actually feeling anxiety the first time I tried to cross Flood (now Deluge) in the original game with no depth indicators! 🙂

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Agreed @MeanieHookFt . great game! Looking forward to updates on console!