Here I want to give some review on the latest Force Feedback (FFB) implemented in 6.3, and also give some advice, how it should be improved.

Putting aside buggy implementation, that certainly need to be fixed.

The biggest problem with FFB is Spring gain*. By default this force is not pronounced very well comparing to Tilt gain*. To make it more or less look like the actual car I had to increase Spring gain to 0.38, and drop Tilt gain by half to 0.15.
The second big problem is that Spring gain is applied at once with full force as the truck start moving and only directed to center wheels to neutral. That is wrong as it is!
This force should be gradually applied while the truck is accelerating. The faster the truck goes, the more the centering force is. Also the force should not center to neutral, but should center to the direction the truck is moving. It should not fight with the driver while cornering, but should keep the trajectory while cornering. This will also create such realistic effect like skidding as it does not look very realistic in Snow Runner now.

*Spring gain - the force that centers wheels when driving.
**Tilt gain - the force that your wheels react to uneven terrain (do not mix with Collision gain that is the force applied when hitting some object)

PC Build: 6QF-697.pdf
Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G29 + H-shifter (GHUB v2020.4.47660)