Repair function unavailable(trailer) PTS 6.3

When you are close to a trailer with fuel the refuel UI appear.
The same function is unavailable for trailer carrying repair.

no possibility to repair without hooking.jpg

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It's been like that since initial release as far as I can recall. I've never quite understood that concept of having to hook up to a service trailer for repairs when you could drive up to any sized fuel or maintenance trailer and fill up.

Because of that model, I will always send a couple dedicated trucks out just so I can "switch over" and do a repair. Otherwise what good is having a maintenance trailer in the field?

Its bad design, we should be able to repair like we can refuel. WITHOUT CONNECTING!

Yep, create a "yellow zone" around it. Then you select what you need (fuel or repair)


There is no need for a yellow zone! You can refuel just by being in proximity of a fuel trailer. The same should apply to Service Trailers!

But it isnt. Thats my point.

And its "not logical" being able to refuel near a trailer, bur not repair your vehicle near one or even to restock "repair supplies".

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