Will there be G25 support?

Snow Runner has never recognized my Logitech G25 wheel. I had hopes for the next patch, but at least in 6.3 my wheel is still dead and I even cannot bind buttons.

I'm using my g25 fom the realease of the game ... i set it up as a custom wheel and had nearly no issues ... except that in the beginng the bound keys just sometimes did work but they do nowadays

Even my old Driving Force GT works. Individual Setup. And you can map a lot of things where YOU want it.

By the way, the DFGT as well as G2x can be automated by AUTOHOTKEY (see www.autohotkey.com). Then you can even put "smart functions" on something. Like short/long/double press..." with different actions.

The problem was in my end. I had installed a wrong 32 bit driver. Now the game recognizes my wheel and after some axis issues, I finally managed to get it working. A kind of working.

Force feedback feels a joke, both in 5.1 and 6.3. Although, the biggest deal breaking issue for me is the lack of TrackIR support. If my hands are on the wheel, how the hell I am supposed to look around, when there are no working buttons for turning the cam. Keyboard and mouse is still the best way to play this game. That's a pity for a driving game...

In the PTS, the mouse movement of camera is fixed. So no more how to change the camera clicking around.

And there is a rotate camera option by two buttons implemented. Not perfect (way not), but a good start. If that would rotate the cam by 22.5° (exactly to that 0 / 22.5 / 45...) ok. One button to peek left or right and get back. So easy.

I dont see IR tracking in the near future. How many have that? And how many console players? Simple camera rotation will solve the issue for 99% of the playerbase.

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I agree that TrackIR is quite niche product, and properly working quick look left/right buttons would be a great help if you have enough buttons in reach. But if you have ever played any simulation game with TrackIR, you don't want to go back.