Unidentified Fire!

It's my opinion that I should be able to fire on a known enemy target in range of my guns without having Identified the ship. I understand not being able to target certain sub-systems, but needing to identify the ship before I can begin firing is silly. Reduce the % chance to hit if you feel you must, But I don't agree with that. A target standing 25 ft away decked out in gear that doesn't allow me to see who or what it is...isn't going to mess with my accuracy. I know it's there, I know it isn't friendly...Let me Fire on it!

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Dont see this being changed. Im not even sure its a good idea either. I think the only thing they need to work on is the silent running exploit that renders carrier fleets almost pointless because vast waves of bombers return to hanger bays when the ship goes cloaked xD.