Long time follower of the series. Please don't look at this as a complaint post as I love the game and hope the community will help this franchise grow.
Personally, and I know it's a huge task, but top of the list. Players need to communicate! Console players have a huge advantage being able to invite one and other to a private chat using their user name. However, pc users are left silent. A text chat window alone would be huge and needs to be a top priority.
Next, fuel. I cannot be the only one that thinks that a trailer store shouldn't be used as a fuel station. Being able to buy a fully fueled fuel trailer to refuel your truck just to sell the trailer for the same price is just dumb. One could argue the same for the truck spawning with a full fuel tanker as well. And just to be clear, repair trailers and service trailers are used this way too.
Now I could be asking too much for new players to the game. That in changing that would make the game much harder for someone who hasn't been playing since spintires or mudrunner. Which brings us to my next point. Hardcore mode. Snowrunner, as challenging as it is at times cannot be failed. There is no game over as it were. You dropped your truck in a canyon river, recover. Got stuck, recover. Finished a delivery, recover. Allowing recovery of scout vehicles only like in mudrunner would insure that the game could not be failed but also make use of the repair, refuel, and recovery vehicles.
Finally, customization. Yes the new F750 is a gutless wonder no matter what engine you install, but that's not where I'm going with this. When it comes to picking a color for your truck, why do we only get one option? Most of the vehicles have two colors to the paint scheme. I'm not a computer programmer by any means but adding color two can't be that hard. It would bring more variety to multiplayer.
Keep up the good work guys, all the best.