KHAN 39 Marshall Roof Rack problem and unused hitch fixed in PTS 7.4

When all Roof Rack parts and fuel on KHAN 39 Marshall are used, the part box and canisters do not disappear, like they do with other scouts. See the screenshots below. The problem exists both on live 5.1 and PTS 6.3.
The back spare wheel work properly.
Trailer hitch is present on all 3 bumpers, but is unusable even without spare wheel.

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.07.03 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.07.03 -

Suggestion for balance
Because of the smallest fuel tank, very powerful engines and inability to haul any trailers, KHAN 39 is totally useless without roof rack. To solve the problem here is my detailed suggestion:

  • Increase fuel tank capacity to 60l. It will allow to use the truck without roof rack.
  • Increase total weight of the vehicle to approximately 1800-2000 by making wheels more heavier.
  • Add ability to haul scout trailers, but it should be conflicting with spare wheel like on Tuz 166 - or spare wheel, or scout trailers.
  • Decrease engine options. Keep only Kr 104, Kr 120-AT and Azov AM-4v 146. All other engines are not necessary. The truck is too light weight to haul any heavy load.
  • Remove 4 spare wheels from current Roof Rack module - there is no place for them on such a tiny truck. Instead provide 2 roof rack options as following.
    Option 1: 1x big box (currently 300RP), 4x canisters (4x20=80l), no spare wheels
    Option 2: 1x spare wheel, 1x small box (150RP), 2x canisters (2x20=40l)
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are we playing the same game??

khan was nerfed cause it invalidated any reason to use 90% of the scouts barring the tuz 420. it was over-powered and straight up stupid.

why would i use the chevy/hummer/yar when i could take the khan

why use the loadstar when khan was better

it's fine in it's current state, try to use other vehicles

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@gundamu If they did not plan to use any trailer on KHAN 39 (that is already very unrealistic) why the hell they put trailer hitch on it (see the screenshot above).
2nd, try to use KHAN 39 with SnowRunner gearbox. Even with the weakest engine you will be negatively surprised, how short it can go.
60l tank is more realistic and it will not change the situation much. As well as the ability to haul small trailers, but at the expense of spare wheel (considering that you will not have 4 in the roof rack any more).
Instead of stupid, unrealistic balance decision, that kills the truck and make it unusable without roof rack (and Saber is trying to sell it as DLC), my suggestion will allow to use it somehow, together with other scouts.

I would say, the balance in scout class overall is very bad. International Loadstar 1700 is overpowered but miserable is modules. New Ford F750 is opposite unrealistically under-powered, and is provided with modules it should not have. Hummer H2 is again overpowered and is given to a player too soon in the game. KHAN Lo4F has almost same weight as Hummer H2, though it is much smaller and IRL 1 ton lighter. Tuz 420 Tatarin has light scout autonomous winch on a 14 ton armored APC. It is all as wired and unbalanced as hell!

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@esorokin @Jellyfoosh Please pay attention to this suggestion. Now KHAN 39 Marshall is a crippled vehicle. Everybody knows it and it is affecting its sales.
Here is some extended explanation of my balance suggestion.

  • 60l fuel tank - will allow to use the truck for scouting without Roof Rack. Will allow to use it with SnowRunner gearbox (that exits as an option on the truck). At the same time it will not be overpowered with fuel, as 60l is not 80l.
  • Weight at 1800-2000 will justify the use of more powerful engines and reduce performance early in the game. Also more heavier wheels will reduce "jelly suspension" effect, make Khan 39 less tippy and more stable.
  • Simple trade off - or trailers, or spare wheel. Considering that you will not have one in Roof Rack till the game end - it is a fair trade off.
  • Kr 104 has a torque of 30000. So, we will have a scout with good off-road capabilities (because of tires), but very weak engine on start. That is also historically accurate.
  • Kr 120-AT is discovered in Quarry - 2nd map of Taymyr, Russia - relatively late in the game. It has a torque of 46500 - so the truck is still not overpowered, though it is sufficient for it's light weight.
  • Azov AM-4v 146 is discovered in Rift - 4th (in fact 3rd) map of Taymyr, Russia - even later in the game. A lot of extra power (80000 of torque for 2000 of weight), but at the trade off for consumption and still small 60l tank. By that time KHAN 39 will compete with more powerful but much heavier Yar 87.
  • 1st Roof Rack option will allow KHAN 39 to last longer, but if we have flat tire, we cannot fix it without help. Here is a trade off - or roof rack and trailer, or spare wheel, but no trailers. It is discovered at level 14 - relatively late in the game.
  • 2nd Roof Rack option can be discovered even later (for example at level 18 or 20). It will allow to have spare wheel and trailer, but at the expanse of repair parts and fuel.

We still have a lot trade-offs, but the truck is not crippled any more and can be used with more comfort even without late in game Roof Racks (and sell better as DLC).

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To much waste of time for that car... after you buy your first truck that car become optional and pretty much useless... dont know why ppl are so inloved with than unrealistic ballons tires car... i would worry much because this forum become dead and the 6.3 version was not even announced for live server... im afaraid everything will freeze as it is...

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@Nona said in KHAN 39 Marshall Roof Rack problem and unused hitch PTS 6.3 + balance suggestion:

dont know why ppl are so inloved with than unrealistic ballons tires car...

Trecol 39041 is an actual car.
By the way, here are the specs: Fuel tank 148l, but maximum power is only 128HP and 210 N*m of torque.
So it is low power, but very off-road oriented truck. Not high power "we don't know what to do with" truck.

Youtube Video

And real one can haul small trailers
Trecol 39041 with trailer

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yeh noo you obviously don't know what you're talking about

khan never got stuck before it was op as hell, no other scout besides the obvious tuz 420 could do better than it.

loadstar op lol don't make me laugh, it gets stuck on deep mud, deep water, even some terrain is too hard for it. hummer op nope it's a worse khan in every way, guess what they also nerfed hummer last patch. yar 71 is a inferior khan 39

you talk about hummer being given away to early, braa khan was unlocked in your garage on the first map. you could use right from the start almost.

f750 is good it just needs it's engines fixed, which is a issue you clearly don't know about

khan nerf was necessary, brought variety to the game. now i have a reason to use other scouts

@gundamu , I am in project since day 1. I agree that Khan 39 was overpowered in v4. But the nurf was too brutal and not in a correct way.
They should have decreased engine power and probably increase total weight of the truck to 1800-2000. This will put Khan into correct place - low power, but good off road, opposite to US light scouts that are less good off road, but it is compensated by much more power.

The same mistake they did now with new season 1 trucks. They just couldn't put them into correct place. For F750 they should give engine line from Hummer H2. It will completely fix its power problem. Though there are still problems with module positioning and look (like a Ghost Busters car). But I have a separate thread for it.

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the nerf is fine, this thing is stupid it goes everywhere and made the game too easy. f750 has a engine thats currently not unlockable, its much faster with that engine.

@gundamu This vehicle is now useless. It was barely good before. The TUZ Tatarin goes everywhere with ease, and the YAR is also much better than the Khan. The nerf was not only stupid, it made the vehicle useless. If you want the players to suffer instead of having a choice, remove all vehicles and add a cart with a donkey.

The unused hitch is a problem game wise. On the Kovd map there is just one russian scout who can drive the radar around: The YAR. The Don 71 has not enough fuel even with roof rack and is weak. The GAZ 166 is on the very verge of usefullness here. Since the devs gave the "Acteon" (who came up with that name?) a truck trailer hitch you have no choice. If the Khan had a hitch you had one. I personally believe that if the devs give the Khan a hitch it´s for truck trailers just to fopp every one;)

what a joke, it just as good as the yar. do you know how tippsy the yar is?? it flips over all the time.

yar being much better is debatable at best and complete lie at the worst

tuz 420 Tatarin has next to 0 utility, it can't hitch any trailer what so ever, has limited repair points and fuel. after that trade-off it better go everywhere.

you want an op scout, go download some broken shit mod and enjoy.

the nerf was needed whether you like it or not, this is not a arcade need for speed game. khan 39 made pretty much all scouts useless.

@gundamu The YAR rrolled all the time? You must be a pretty bad driver mate. It's the one scout that I never rolled. Not once. The scout 800 yes, the chevrolet yes, the YAR? nope. It burns little to no fuel, it has good engine power, good wheels, good fuel capacity and can carry all scout trailers. How is the Khan better? It cant carry trailers, and it's more tipsy than the YAR. All it's good for is early game scouting till you upgrade your scouts.

The Tatarin is the king of scouts. period. It can go anywhere, and I never use scout trailers anyways, they arent too useful. Scouts are not meant to carry cargo or refuel other trucks, they are meant to scout. And the Tatarin is the best at that.

So you might be playing another game than me mate.

P.S. go take a gander at offroad vehicles in real life. They aren't made to get stuck. They are made to prevail. Especially the Russian ones.

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nice contradiction you got there you said you dont use trailers but then point out that the khan 39 cant carry them lmao, pick one which is it.

yes yar is more tipsy, there is a stat in game called center of gravity. yar has a pretty high center of gravity.

why would i picked the yar if i want to take some trailers?? loadstar has better torque and does a better job towing.

actually scouts are meant for rescue/repair once you have scouted the whole map, as they are much faster to travel from point a to be.

khan nerf was needed period.

@gundamu Yes I don't use trailers, but I can still point out if a vehicle has a weakness of not being able to tow trailers, because guess what, other people do use them.

Yes scouts are faster, but most of them cant even repair half of a damaged truck, so it's better to have a dedicated fuel and repair truck.

Or you want to tell me you do 3-4 trips with a scout to refuel trucks?

Fine, have it your way. Let's assume the nerf was needed. What role does the Khan fill out now in your opinion? What is it's usefulness and why would I pick it over any other scout?


yeh but that was a double standard you had lol, tuz 420 is amazing but its very limited thats why most dont use it.

lets see

khan 39 is still better at off-roading then the chevy, hummer(which also got nerfed), loadstar, don, khan loaf, scout, tuz 166. yar just as good as it but not better.

only the tuz 420 is better at off-roading. so plenty of reasons to use it....

@gundamu But it's fuel capacity is so low you that scouting with it is just not worth it at all. The hummer wasn't really nerfed, it had unrealistically high stats for the tires it was wearing. And the hummer isn't a tough offroader in real life. It's an SUV for soccer moms. The Khans real life counterpart though is made to conquer the most adverse terrains of Russia. It makes sense for it to be better than your average american pickup truck. You can't add a toyota corolla and then nerf other trucks because they were overpowered compared to the corolla. That's what they did with the Khan. Offcourse it's gonna be better than the little american pickups and scouts. It's engineered to be better than them. Look at the real life counterpart.

I hate it when they mess with realism to add "balance". Who even cares, not like it's competitive multiplayer with massive tournaments or something.

@gundamu @dahaka
Guys, you do not want to create a separate thread to talk about scout balance? You spammed all my thread with off topic inside out.

If you notice, I added note that Khan 39 mass should be increased. I prefer the mass to be increased by wheels. This will also solve jelly suspension problem, pointed out in other thread
So we solve several problems. Making wheels heavier, we lover the CG, that will make the truck less tippy and more stable.
Fuel consumption depends on mass a lot. Just adding roof rack on Khan reduces its range by 1/3. So if we increase overall weight of the truck, the fuel capacity also has to be increased to let it cover the same distance. At the same time I offered to reduce engine choice to relatively weak engines (that will also increase fuel consumption, as the engine has most of the time to max its output). So in fact, my offer is not buff, but even more nerf of Khan 39, as a trade off to carry trailers and more options for roof rack - that will make Khan 39 more useful.

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UP, the problem with roof rack for KHAN 39 still exist in PTS 7.0