Soundbug: Hydraulic Sound from Anchors "never finishes"

System: PC

Blue "russian" small (blue) crane, deploy its anchors and immediately hit "c" to go to crane mode. The anchors are deployed, but their sound is not switched off.

You can switch it off by deploying / retracting again anchors, WAIT till finished and then go on. Reproducible.

This actually happens with both small cranes in patch 5.x as well. Glad to hear there is a way to make the sound stop. I've just been living with it and driving away where it eventually fades away.

Confirm, this happens to me too both in live 5.1 and latest PTS 6.3.

This is happen since the launch of the game for me, but only if you retract the crane with the anchor activated.
If you first retract the anchor and then the crane, the sound bug don't occurs