Detailed list of chances

Is there a detailed list of changes for the release-version (like the announcement of multiplayer-saves via Twitter)?

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Greetings to you gentlemen!

Today, the announcement of a new version of Spintires took place!
It is called Mudrunner: A Spintires game (or Spintires: Mudrunner)

The essence of the game has remained the same, but everything is very much redone and improved. Here are some of the major innovations:

  • 9 missions for single player (with bonus tasks)
  • significantly altered maps from the old game (and the Vulcan card is completely redone), new functions for playing cards (roadblocks, the ability to teleport cars, random spawn machines on the map)
  • for those who did not play the old game, added full training and the simplest game progression (maps are opened sequentially)
  • common game improvements: multiplayer save, voice chat, view from the cockpit, improved physics of vegetation, dirt and water
  • full support for custom maps in the workshop (with the ability to create your own tasks for the card) *

And much more!
But the main thing is, of course, graphics improvements, which can be estimated even from the screenshots!
For the owners of the old game - 50% discount in the incentive!
System requirements for PCs have not changed.
The game will also be available for PS4 and Xbox One.

PS. Every day the delayed release of the new version was spent on improving the game!

    • may be added in the update. I do not think that you need to be afraid of repeating the story with the old game, the new version will not be abandoned and will be updated regularly!

Good news...

I hope with this we have bigger maps, and hopefully it allows for more than 4 person multiplayer...

I am hyped

Thank you. There are some really good improvements. Does anybody know if there will be support for steering wheels with external shifter? ATM it's a gamebreaker for me.

It would be weird if it was not, it is 50% of the fun for me in Spintires to use my g27 with it...

I think G27 has no external shifter. Is the shifter connected to the wheel or directly to the computer? I have problems with my Thrustmaster T500 + shifter. In Spintires I can only use the wheel OR the shifter.

THe shifter of the g27 connects to the wheel.

However there is plenty ways for the trustmaster to work. I suggest you head over to the spintires forum for that, if you cant find it there, shoot me a pm and I see what I can do for you...

I have a solution via a virtual controller. But then, FFB isn't working.

Will the console version support the mods?

Not even one screenshot of cockpit view... Hmm...

As far i've seen, the K700 has gotten a grabble !
Nice detail, that you can use it as log loader then 🙂

SS, That's been needed since the k700 was introduced.

Good news,
On the discord it was stated that there will be one big massive maps. In the statements on here it was stated there will be room for mapmods.

-EDIT 25-9-17- Information incorrect!

Another thing someone notified, is that in official statements, I dont know how many but at least one on facebook, it has been stated that the multiplayer is still for 4 players.

The game is not out jet, we can hope for more, but I guess, we have been dealing with it uptill now, if it will stick to 4 we can deal with it in the future...

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