Occasional invisible enemies! Sometimes no Class choice! D: (Since Night patch)

Hi all,

I run a dedicated server and have for a while now. It's using the Linux binaries but runs on FreeBSD (which I know is a weird setup, but it hasn't caused many problems before, though I suspect it's to blame now...?).

Anyway, since the Night patch, sometimes enemies will be invisible for some players, but not others. In the kill feed, the player will die from [AKM (or whatever)], with no class attached to it.

A second problem is that sometimes the class menu will never spawn.

Either of these problems seems to happen every 3 or 4 games. It's resolved if the affected player disconnects and reconnects.

I assume it's my server setup since no-one else is having the problem, but seems worthwhile to mention it...

No, I don't think it is your sever. I too am running two game servers out of Dallas and they have been online for a long time and after 1.7 I am seeing the same thing on my servers. Last night a group was playing and while it looks that the CLASS screen and map voting seems to work every time we all started getting the AKM weapon bash from 1 meter away or sometime it was a 1.1m shotgun blast. This is one hell of a game mode with invisible dudes in the mix. Anyway, folk were complaining about it including myself until I was standing several feet from a player and was looking at him as he just fell over dead and he told me that his message stated he was killed by a AKM weapon bash. I too see where the kill tag message pop up looking different. It will not contain the class type of the enemy player ( normally listed in RED ). However, a player can disconnect and rejoin the game, but that don't fix anything for long, it seems to come back later. Before we gave up, with only two of us still in the server, I got to notice that the map was almost empty of bad guys. There wasn't anyone around. Kind of spooky. Then all of a sudden one of us would fall over dead from a weapon bash or a shotgun blast from within 1 meter or so. So, it might be that all of the bots are invisible. That is why the map looks deserted. But, they don't seem to shoot at you from any distance. You have to basically walk up on them with bash range before they attack with whatever weapon they carry. Please fix.