I made a post saying how it was perfect the other day, but playing with it more it's damn near perfect, except the sensitivity is a bit wacky with how much the tires turn in regards to the stick movement. It's very touchy as in a little stick movement makes the wheels turn all the way, adjusting the stick sensitivity in the options just makes the zone in which you can turn the wheels only a little even worse. Moving the stick a tiny bit shouldn't send the wheels to full lock. It's so close to being nearly perfect, just needs a wider zone of adjustment with the stick. Or adjust the sensitivity option to actually help in that regard.

Basically right now turning any amount by pushing even a tiny bit on the stick gives you full steering. It's just hard to make smooth corners right now. Otherwise the wheels staying where you point them while sitting still is exactly how it should be. Keep working on it you guys will nail it eventually.