Game not connecting to New World Interactive services in main menu as well as extreme stuttering in main menu and local play.

Upon starting the game the network status indicator for NWI services in the upper left is flickering. When trying to find an online game the connection issue to NWI services continues and I am unable to search for a game. I have also noticed that the game appears to be stuttering very bad. Even in local play.

@easedqi Hey, could you please post what is your Windows Time set to (Date, Time Zone, sync settings, etc.).

This issue seems to happen when Windows Time is out of sync and can be fixed by syncing the time with MS Time syncing servers.

Im interested if players reporting this are running invalid date as it should work so long as your date (day, month and year) are correct and should disregard time (hours/minutes) itself.

This was the issue! Life saver.

As for the details I am in the Central U.S. time zone, 4/1/2020, 4:20 p.m..

Yesterday I had manually adjusted my time because for some reason my clock was ahead one hour. So although my time was seemingly correct when the issue arose, it was not synced with MS time servers.

Thanks for your help.