Gameplay???? WHERE IS IT?

The game has been available to pre-order on steam for a month now.

Still no gameplay anywhere. Ridiculous.

The official twitter account said more news "this week", which was posted 2 weeks ago now. Still nothing.

Its an absolute joke. Happy to fish for preorders but can't even keep fans happy with a single gameplay video?

Come on guys, sort your PR out.

Hi. Discord tends to have the most up to date information. I will post some here as it answers your questions somewhat.

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of news last week! We had a cool blog coming but some approvals took a bit longer than expected. We should be good for this week Don't hesitate to ping or PM me if you have a doubt. I don't always have the time to read everything here but I'll answer this way. ( Netheos on Discord )

We released the steam page and trailer cuz we know we're getting close, and we wanted to kill off the rumours the project was gone

So what you do know is when you get gameplay, that means there's regular updates coming quickly 🙂

We have trailers, gameplay videos and a lot more planned before release. But for now the goal was to re open the communication and get everyone ready for the release this summer.

That's the idea. Having the community update with the big Steam sale was a good way to get back to the core community, you ^^ But we need a proper date and big trailers to reach a wider audience. This is planned.

Thanks for sharing Platypus, I don't use discord & have been reliant on this forum/ steam for info so I would've missed this.

@PlatypusErotica Hey there, just seen you replied. Sorry for the snarky tone of my post but i am really excited for this game and we waited so long already for news it was even still alive. When i read more news coming, that then never arrived it just pushed me over the edge!

I have now painstakingly read the dev blogs so far however and am very happy with what i have read about so far.

Waiting for more now! Its never enough! 😄

Looking forward to some gameplay and a released date. Keep up the good work and keep the information flowing.

Looks like you guys been working very hard on this game. 👍