Tire track width doesn't match tires.

Typically a problem with upgraded or oversized tires. A problem since day 1.

Going to need some more details than that, bud.

Here's more detail.

This thread is more of a reminder of what's still missing.

@Unster I've noticed some tread patterns are starting to match maybe it's in the works.

@dids I haven't seen any progress from the devs on this issue. But luckily my friend @wildcat71 has discovered that the tracks scale with different tire sizes of the same type, and this issue is actually fixable by us. The tire widths are in initial.pak. I've fixed the ones on the trucks I'm currently using.

Saber still needs to fix this. The tracks are much too narrow, and it just makes the tire simulation look like a joke, especially on large tires.

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