Ford F750 BED

if you guys are going to keep the bed on the f750 so far back it looks dumb. Shorten the frame so the bed fits or change the crane and stuff to the back and put the bed in front of it please The truck is way too long for scout classhqdefault.jpg

its the same length as tuz 420....
its not too long, if players can scout in that then they can scout in f750

bed is fine as well..

real issue is the broken engines in the f750

the engine is under power but the bed is a problem


otherway around bed is fine, not a big deal if its long
f750 is the same size as the tuz 420 apc length wise, that apc has no problem going places

engines are broken, can only be fixed through a mod unlock that let's you use a unused coded engine reserved for a future update

yes engine is broken but the bed looks dumb

dumb doesn't mean its broken lol thats just nitpicking now come on

@gundamu You cannot compare this truck with 8x8 tuz 420. Ford F750 is just too long for a scout truck. The breakover angle is too bad.

I suggest to remove the spare wheel addon and make the frame shorter. It also does not make sense to have big trailers. I'd like scout trailers more for this one. And yes, the engine is not enough.

Devs, make it just more like Loadstar 1700.

The ford f 750 was a medium duty truck not a scout vehicle! If you look at the original versions they were all that long, I've seen them with tipper body's flatbeds and even as recovery trucks or service vehicles. They come as a chassis cab from the factory I believe. The pictures you see shortened with the pick-up bed are chopped up custom versions. With the service attachment and the pickup body behind it looks perfect 👌 if the pickup body was against the cab with the attachment at the back of the truck I think it would look more ridiculous.

At various stages, the model line has competed against medium-duty versions of the Chevrolet/GMC C/K (later the Kodiak/TopKick), the International S-series, and the Freightliner Business Class (FL-Series and M2).

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That bed problem wouldn't exist if we had different frame possibility.

When you buy a pickup truck or truck they all come with various modification:
-frame lenght
-cab (regular cab, crew cab,sleeper etc...)
-axle set up

The current configuration is nice but due to having one frame lenght and only one bed choice, it leave that gap between them for those who like to use a bed configuration.

The F750 in the game has only one rear axle and is a crew cab wich is different from the version you are talking about.

The work horse are more like the one listed in the links below.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

The truck has it stand right now should be classed as a medium scout wich with a proper engine set would be not an issue at all.

And by the way i pretty much discovered all the Kovd map with that truck and did a lot of mission mission with the current engine set wich was not always easy but i thought i would give a try anyway.

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@Raphael from what I know that looks like one of the heavy duty f 750's and the trucks pictured above are 650's I think. Out of all the 750's I've seen short cab or crew cab the majority all have a long chassis.

I was pretty surprised they put it in the scout category, The f 150 I would have imagined would be more suitable.

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lol its fine, you can easily scout with f750. it just needs the engines fixed to be actually any useful

tuz is the same length and players have no trouble scouting with it

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@gundamu yea it makes a great scout vehicle and with a engine mod makes a great truck. They come originally with a caterpillar V8 diesel option in some countries! It would be nice to have this option in game. Also I've seen them with a saddle, it would also be useful in game for towing some of the smaller semi trailers with 3 cargo slots.

alt text

oh look at that it's a f750 in real life with a gap between cab and bed. i guess case closed
get rekt tc

that is a f150 or a f250 pickup bed on a f750

the pics above are the white truck is a f750 with a real bed not custom but the blue f650 pic is a custom truck