Can you get the game for free if you own the orginal spintires?

I'm just wondering becouse i bought the orginal spintires for my friend 8 weeks ago, so can you "update" the game for free?

From what I read we can get a 50% discount. For me it depends on what extras this brings over the original I have.

Well, OOVEE "sold" (?) the game to Focus, so don't expect free update for a game not existing any more!
Can you imagine, that the new distributor want to earn money with the game?
But this is a chance for a new beginning and that should be supported by purchasing the "new" game 😉

Hi there,

If you own the original Spintires on Steam, you'll be able to buy MudRunner for 55% off.

This is due to a 50% loyalty discount for people that own the Original Spintires, and a 10% discount for pre-ordering. As Steam uses multiplicative percentages, this adds up to a 55% discount in total.

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