An agricultural simulator by Saber Interactive ?

I love SnowRunner -although I regret that the game wasn't finished when it was released- and it's worth noting that Focus home is the editor of the Farming Simulator series.

I found yesterday an interview with Tim Willits, Chief Creative Officer at Saber Interactive who talks about the release of the game, and the very good results in terms of sales.

There is in his answers an excellent news for the farm simulation enthusiasts : "definitely a logical next step"

The English translation is in the second part of the article.

As a fan of these 2 licenses, this is great news for me.

And I would add that I would like to see a new license with mining and construction equipment in large and varied environments, the possibilities are great and the team is able to achieve this with the technologies they master.

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And in November 2020 we have a situation where physics allows rocks to be placed in a trailer and moved [accidentally] to another part of the map without despawn, & survive game shut down and restart.