Hi ! On Beta v6.1 and v6.2 from today on PC / Keyboard + mouse, we have a little new bug : the difficulty to place new points on the minimap : we have to clic 2 or 3 times to place the point (steps).

No big problems on the new map kola peninsula from DLC. The text of the discovery of an area with the trailer is not translated. And at the end of the map we have a mission that is automatically activated called "find the truck", we can't find anything about this truck, maybe it's the next map.

We were able to finish everything solo and cooperate without any problem, the map is great. Thanks

And my biggest expectation at this stage, except that I can't play coop on the base version, but on the beta test version only, is the impossibility to play coop with mods, can we know when this feature will be functional ?