Paystar 5070 Rooflights

Paystar 5070 has no rooflights, never. A bumper with some additional ones comes pretty late at I think Level 7 and driving in the night with stock lights to that point is a pain in the ass. All other trucks and all scouts get some "light addons".

The mod F5070 has stolen rooflights from the ANK. See
ANK_5070 Lights.jpg

Thats it. Collision checks with horns, looks cool, works perfectly, I would be happy. By the way, the slightly better engine option in the mod makes the thing a bit better with trailer. Its still not Voron level (far away from it), but on the OK side.

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The Azov 64131 also does not have a roof light (other than the built-in beacons) option. As this and the Paystar are both starter trucks, I believe that may be intentional. However, I do agree with you that having additional light options would be greatly beneficial.

The White Western at this level has rooflights, all scouts have it too. So if its available on lowest level scouts, why not on trucks? The Azov has two bumpers with additional lights, the one on the paystar comes "pretty late". Cannot actually see at which level they are available for Azov. But this thing isnt exactly fast at all 😉

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