PACK/UNPACK Cargo Bug and poor translation german


One Slot has already a packed cargo, another one is put on flatbed with the crane. The only available menu option is to unpack cargo. THEN you can pack/fix both. I do expect a "pack cargo" option as long as there is "unpacked" cargo available.

Translation with Crane:

  • English: Activate Anchor, perfect.
  • German: "Haken aktivieren" literally means "activate hook". "Stützen betätigen" would be the much better description to toggle the "Anchors".

And "Fracht Entladen" means "unload freight" better would be "Fracht nicht sichern" or the oposit case "Fracht Laden" meanini "Load Fright" should be "Fracht sichern".

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@Schlemmil "Fracht nicht sicher" sounds a bit weird "Fracht entsichern" would fit a bit better but i have no problem with "fracht entladen".

in case of the the Anchor yeah thats definitly i poor translation. Even google translate gives you a better translation even it's still poor. "Stützen betätigen" would be a far better translation and would actually represent a proper translation. Not sure how they came frome activate anchor to haken aktivieren.