PS4 Workaholic trophy

After completing all the contracts in snow runner I have noticed that I haven’t earned the Workaholic, I checked the trophy in the player menu in game and it says that it’s 98% percent done even though I have 100% complete for contracts. I have double checked all the contracts on all the maps and all are complete.

I have the same problem. the trophy is 90% but I have completed everything ...

Any solution? As have the same 90%

I'm on Xbox and i have the same problem. The game is 100% but I'm at 90% for the workcolic succes. I'm not premium.

I have the same problem. I finished all the contracts but no trophy.


I have also the same problem. I have completed every contract and task, including also the Riff DLC region in Tamyr. The progress for Worlaholic stopped at 90% although all contracts are done, so the trophy is glitched.

This is very disappointing to say the least, since I have invested more than 100 hours and its my last trophy left to get the Platinum. I also wanted to buy the DLC, but not with this glitch...

Please fix this issue!

Hi, I'm playing on PS4. I have the problem too (90%). Any solution? Please, come on.

Hi I'm playing on PS4. I have the problem too (90%). Any solution? Please come on.

I'll be back to post the solution. We have to finish the 7 contracts of the search and recover extension. The trophy just fell down.

Ok it is just a shame if you have to buy the dlc to get the trophy. EA or Activion didn't fall that low.

Hey @Jah_Canadian and co! We're currently working on a fix to this issue for the next patch. Thanks for reporting it!

I have the same issue on XBOX 1, completed all contracts including Rift.
Think mine is stuck at 99%
Hope a fix comes soon so I can finish up driving some KMs for other achievement.

Completed all contracts including rift and stuck in 90% on ps4
Still no patch update

PS4 - Have completed all contracts plus rift, plus Lake Kovd. Stuck at 97% progress.


Same issue there on PS4 (not Pro): all contracts, tasks and challenges done in Michigan, Alaska and Taimir (green check for all listed items) but the overall completion for my last trophy "workaholic" stays to 96%.

Any help? It is a good game, and it will be perfect if it can be achieved as expected.

Thank you for your help.

Hi everybody,

any news about this?

I completed all contracts on PS4 incl. all DLC and still don't get the trophy?

Any idea?


Update (15.02.2021): The last Update fixed it - all good

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I confirm the last patch fixes the problem... Thank you dev guys!

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I'm sorry I'm bringing an old topic back to life, but I ran into this issue with the Workaholic trophy. I'm stuck at 98% with all contracts done. I purchased the DLC and even started a new game to try and see if that would do the trick, but nothing at all.

Is there anything else I can do to make this trophy pop?