Server not loading my configs

Hello. I am a host of insurgency servers.
I have 3 insurgency 2014 servers.
I recently configured 2 insurgency sandstorm servers, everything was perfect, at the end of each cooperative game they showed the maps that I inserted in the mapcycle.txt file. The changes I made to the game.ini file were also working.
However after the last update, everything stopped working.
The map list no longer loads at the end of the game and no changes to the game.ini file take effect.
I already did the whole process again from scratch, but without success, my server is bad ...

My server doesn't even show in the browser. Don't expect anyone to help you here either. I've pretty much given up.

unfortunately the support is always weak. they seem to sell the game and damn it.

Why have a technical feedback section of no one looks at the posts?

Could you please be more specific ? As a server operator you should know that if problem occurs, posting logs, command line, file paths, etc. helps a lot.