Upcoming Update, Suggestions/Questions?

Will you add tactical flashlights, that when really close, can temporarily blind tangos due to bright light shining in their face like real players would be.

Will you add IR lasers and IR strobe beacon load out option for those using night vision to identify friendlys in coop easier?omegle xender

Please add the option to disable random voice acting lines. It ruins immersion especially on night maps where people are supposed to be more sneaky. If even the enemy can't hear them... your team can. Would love to just keep "reloading" or "charge planted its gonna blow" and Intimidate and thats it.

MOTD feature at x intervals for server admins

Would be nice to be able to vote for a specific map change during a round if people want a switch but its not the end of the world if not.

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nice, thanks for the reply