Alaska Task: Containers In The River: -> Game drop only one Container

After activating in Alaska the Task "Containers In The River", the game drop only one container in the river

Containers In The River.jpg

Tested in 3 savegames (new started in PTS 6.1).

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@Fratzegeballer I had that happen in patch 5 on the regular game. I grabbed the one, loaded it up on a truck, then reset the task and two more appeared in the river, so I had three in total.

Yep, but that's not how it should be.
You can also simply activate the task and drive through to the port, where you will also receive the containers and can load and unload them at the same place ... just as incorrect. 😃

@Fratzegeballer Oh, I fully agree that isnt how it should be, was just saying that the same thing had happened to me and isnt just in the test server version. I just didnt report it as it seemed like a minor inconvenience at the time.

Ah okay. I have reported it now because it has never happened to me in the 5x version. At least never in multi. So I assumed that it had to do with the PTS.

The mission is now fixed. 🙂

Just drive to the mission marker, restart the mission and now you got two containers next to the wooden bridge.
I just tried and finished the mission.