Bring back double-click to travel to garage | Khan 39 suggestion

First thing is pretty minor - before 5.0 you could double-click on garage on a map to return to it, now you have to press Enter. I'd like to see double click return, because it's just quicker lol

Second thing - i already made a thread on this, but i'll say it again - bring back the Khan 39 fuel tank capacity to 78L. Compensate it by increasing fuel consumption by x1.3-1.5 and that should be enough for it

yes, i agree i have also made a post on this some time back, but i will upvote this (the double click).
The Khan, i have no input since i dont use it.

Confirmed, you are right. Double click doesnt work anymore (PTS, PC).

And please implement a list of all your vehicles (regardless if in storage, a map's garage somewhere or "active" on a map -> with a double click, you get to the vehicle. Or their location/slot. Makes searching so much "quicker".

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@JTT great idea too, would make navigation quiet easier