All of my cosmetic Items are being shnown as if I had never bought them!! It's insane! I can still put some of them on by selecting my saved sets, BUT if I want to do some sort of modification to my outfit I CANNOT because the fricking game shows that I don't own ANYTHING... ANYTHING AT ALL!! Please fix this asap. And while we are on the topic, since the new patch, the Operation Nightfall, there was a cosmetic item that i had in Olive Drab and in Dark Green, it was the "Watch Cap Headset." I used both of those quite a lot. But when the patch happened, I look at my characters and many of them are missing some headgear and I look at it shows that I have never owned any of those Watch Cap Headsets!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! This game already gives shitty enough loot as it is when we level up, but now it's actually taking look from us too??

Please fix the bug where it shows I don't own anything, and on top of that, could you PLEASE help me out and give me back the Olive Drag and Dark Green Watch Cap Headsets?? Please??? I really liked those and I can't justify spending money on it twice.

-Big Boss Nass.