Mouse cursor

For the love of God, change the cursor color or make it bigger i beg

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What makes it difficult for you to spot it?

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Night? Its Back in Black. Err black on black.

The Cursor has a v shaped white area behind it who still make it easy to spot even at night, plus if you move your cursor around it will triger mouse over on diverse function so you know where it is.

If you compare the current PTS version with the live one - the camera mode is debugged. If you plainly move the mouse around to find the cursor, you will mess up your camera. So being able to see mouse cursor in the new version (slightly better helps) will be appreciated. And yes, you have in the PTS version a much better way of controlling your camera angle on PC.

Other option: Holding down right mouse button on PC is always "move camera", NOT doing that is always mouse mode. So no discussion which mode you are in. Currently its a "mix up"

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The cursor has two mod:

Left clicking one time to enter the camera mod or getting out and vice versa.
This way you can either move your cursor freely or move the camera it work the same way for both pts and live version.

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@Raphael My system (TV) is 4k and the game res is 1920x1080 . The damn mouse is extremely small !

In PTS the switching between Mouse and Camera works, the current live version "not exactly".