Steering wheel bug in PTS 6.1 ( x360ce )

I have successfully configured Snowrunner 5.1 with Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP and x360ce but with 6.1 there is a bug in steering. I copied savegame from 5.1 to PTS 6.1 and have all mods disabled.
You can see this on videos : and

Have you taken in consideration the option between classic and arcade wheels steering, if so can you elaborate about the problem you are facing.

Please provide more details on what issue you've encountered

@esorokin Hey guys... all the reverse disks of the trucks in the 6.1 test service will not automatically return to the center. I thought it was a ghost of the data. The data was changed and there was no response... the official version is okay. Hope to soon Feedback. And fix.. The main test suit is a bit progressed.. The archive is not universal. Thank you