Why is dirt/mud easier to overcome since 5.1-6.1?

I noticed after last updates (on release branch it is 5.1, on beta-test it is 6.0-6.1), dirt/mud has become less deep in some places on maps and easier to overcome. Why was this done, because the game has lost its complexity and realism?

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Hi, are you sure about that? It is not because you are using stronger trucks as you advance to the game? I was trying to drive again an early acces truck and was horrible comparing with a full upgraded voron for example... so maybe its the truck which is more powerful and not the mud... go to the farm in michigan first map and try to drive in the mud there an early acces truck with low suspension and a fully updated one high suspension... you'll see what i mean..

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@Nona I didn't test exctly in Michigan farm, but in Zimnegorsk, Taymir, for example, mud near the garage is easier to overcome. Mud deep maybe not changed, but my old trucks (White Western Star) with cargo is going through the dirt without stuck problems much more easier. Perhaps, the main reason in mud viscosity / new car physics or something else.

good? im tired of getting completely stuck when fully kitted out with raised suspension and mudders.

Try to drive through the Zimnegorsk mud pits with Lo4F or with stock Chevy. You will see that must still has its teeth.
In fact DEVs finally fixed the problem of black holes in mud and snow (that caused by collision conflict with collide-able truck parts like fuel tanks). So you now have less resistance that was caused by such collisions and mud works as intended.
But you are always free to increase you own level of difficulty, by choosing less capable trucks, less grippy tires and less powerful engines.

Lol... i played so much i dont even remember how was 2 month ago... maybe they change maybe not... seems ok to me tho...

@Tigron I don’t need to specifically underestimate the characteristics of my car in order to get conditions close to reality. I need realism and complexity to be preserved on any configuration, because there is no technique that can go absolutely anywhere. This is a problem that needs to be fixed until the end.

@AlexYakutov, and it will not happen. Because it is too hard for the team that is working on the game and the initial project of the game was completely different from what you understand.
It is not a simulator, and will never be. Snowrunner is an arcade time killer game for general public.
Understand me correct, I myself prefer the game to be more realistic. But we should manage our expectations with the reality. The game is already released and it will not be dramatically changed because of you and me.