Logitech G29 serious FFB issue PST 7.0

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I have faced with potentially dangerous issue with Logitech G29.
When changing the truck or loading the game, if the truck located on soft uneven terrain (especially mud with ice) the steering wheel FFB may got crazy. It stuck in unnatural position and trembles with excessive force. All controls become unresponsive.
The only way to stop this - pull the steering wheel from USB at once. After that computer certainly should be rebooted, or the issue will repeat after the game is reloaded. It may be hard to reproduce, but it happens approximately in 10% of cases in PTS 6.0 and 6.1.
This issue may be harmful for hardware (as G29 have plastic gears) and must be addressed ASAP.

In addition small wish for FFB upgrade. On tarmac the force that canters the wheels while driving should be much more and it should be separated from friction base level and friction gain, that controls the static friction.

PC Build: https://asset.msi.com/pdf/main/us/nb/GL72 6QF-697.pdf
Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G29 + H-shifter (G HUB v2020.4.47660 latest)

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Sounds to be the same issue I had with my old Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel on my PC. The "Wheel" and its USB Driver crashed after a mapchange (only there) and was stuck at "full right". USB disconnected, reconnected - same shit still active. Ending Game, restarting it - all ok.

It never crashed when I wasnt changing the map.

@esorokin @Jellyfoosh @Dvoryaninoff
This things you call steering wheel support? This is a serious bug, that can cause equipment failure. And though I addressed it several times it still exists in PTS 6.3.
Usually it happens when changing maps, but not all the time.

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yeah i dont dare use my wheel at moment in mp it kept resetting half way through turning nearly snapped my wrist twice get it sorted devs

UP, the problem still exist in PTS 7.0
@esorokin @Jellyfoosh
Please fix it. It is a game breaking bug. I remember you promised that there were some fixes for this, but the problem is still there.
Now it also happening when exiting garage.

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@Tigron Thanks for letting us know, it's being looked into.

@Tigron could you please share your wheel settings? both Logitech software and in-game settings

Sorry, some setting are in Russian, but it is my system language. I guess you can read it easily.

First to mention, I completely removed Logitech Gaming Software and replaced it with Logitech GHUB exactly like I did it in my Video Guide here

All game files are checked with EGS.
No changes to game file were ever made.
No mods are installed in PTS.

Here are my GHUB settings

Snowrunner profile.jpg

I reduced wheel range to 540 and sensitivity to 40. Pedals are all by default.

Wheel sence.jpg
Pedal sence.jpg

Reassigned some bottoms and added H-sifter bindings for NUM keys to have gears mapped.

Wheel binding.jpg
Shifter binding.jpg

And here are my in game settings. I reduced most of FFB settings to have it more comfortable for myself. Wheel binding are not touched. Keyboard gears are bound to NUM keys.

SnowRunner ingame binding.jpg
SnowRunner FFB settings.jpg

If you need more configuration files for investigation, I can send you. Just tell me what I need to send.