TUZ 16 ,conflict of wheels

My TUZ 16, use AMHSI mud tires,AWD and Differential lock,Stop completely on the soft ground, there always will be a strange delay before the operation when push the throttle . The tires are just shaking and can't move forward,When it started reversing today, I finally found the 4 tires trying to move in different directions !! That is ridiculous, I’m trying to record this。YAR87 has a same problem but it is much lighter。TUZ 16 only AMHSI tires have problem。

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I had the same problem last night in lake covd in the step 310e where I accelerate on flat ground and the wheels just shake and wobble but the truck don't move, I shifted to low then back to auto and it started going again.

I have problems with the Tuz16 and AMHS I tyres, the truck stoped complety with no apparent reason and whem i turn off and on again the diff lock or de AWD the truck wants to move again but only moves again if I in L or auto geat if i in L+ or H i need to change to L or Auto. And I noticed that the truck has lot of imput lag for the throtle, and if you are in an uphill the truck start roll downhill before want move forward uphill.

A video of what is happening.
@blackjack00 Can you change your title to something who relate more to the problem so it can be identified more easily 🙂

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not only tuz16, yar87 too, looks like not not enough power, similar like small tree under wheel can block truck

Yeah, agreed, that looks like the situation when you have enough grip but not enough engine power. You can force it for trucks with good tyres when you let them drag huge weights up a steep incline. (When the tyres are the weak link the wheels will spin instead.) Seeing that on flat ground is weird, to say the least. I don't think that is supposed to happen.

noticed the same on chained wheels and first thought it was a problem the truck didn't have enough power when starting out of some reason. now tried it with the mid tires in taymir and it actually starts going backwards often when i wanna go fowards even on flat terrain

Here is video of it:

It happens even when vehicle doesn't carry any load:

@blackjack00 said in TUZ 16 ,conflict of wheels:

TUZ 16 only AMHSI tires have problem。

That is not true, it also happens with other tires:

PTS 6.2, the problem still exists

PTS 6.3, the problem still exists

In the latest official version,VORON D53233 also joined this series, None of the problems have been solved 😢

I have had that same behavior with multipöe vehicles in 6.0, so there is nothing new.