PTS 6.0: Patch 26/06.: Editor doesn't work anymore!?

After downloading the patch 26/6 the editor won't allow to open or add files anymore.

When I start the programm I get a message: "Could not open folder D:\Epic Games\SnowRunnerPublicTest\en_us\Sources\BinEditor<documents>\my games\SnowRunnerBeta\Media"

The File View Tab is dead, I can't add new folders, start new mods or anything.
I tried to add the missing folder path but the Editor still can't find it.

In preparations for release we've change default folder path, please check updated editor guide


Could you please clarify this? I can't seem to get any of the file paths mentioned in this picture and from the guide to work for me.


Please tell me what I'm doing wrong

@esorokin Your page 18 does look a little different than mine, is there a place we can regularly access the most up to date version of the editor guide?

Also here is my thread with additional images detailing the issue.

Thanks for the respond but this is what I tried, it doesn't work.

If you look at the strange error message: "Could not open folder D:\Epic Games\SnowRunnerPublicTest\en_us\Sources\BinEditor <documents> \my games\SnowRunnerBeta\Media"

The editor tries to find a path that first points to the instal folder where the editor is located and then to the path you mentioned. To me, this requested path makes no sense.

Shouldn't it look something like this: "Could not open folder C:\Users\username\documents\my games\SnowRunnerBeta\Media\prebuild"?

That would be the right path to request.

Yes seems like there is a bug in this moving process, please wait for an editor update early next week, apologize for inconvenience

Ahh, that's a shame, I wanted to publish the first map over the weekend 😑

You better avoid patching thinks like that on a friday....

Oh, that's unfortunate. Agree about doing updates on things like that on a Friday, whenever possible. I have the apartment by myself for the weekend while wifey is with family, so was settling in for a full weekend of learning more and getting the foundations for a map done. R.i.p modding marathon weekend.
Appreciate the response tho, thx for keeping us updated 🙂

@esorokin I have to agree allot of us only get weekend time to mess with these things. Myself being one. I was looking forward to getting some work done on my map but no go. Which is unfortunate. But I'm happy to see it being worked on and I'm very happy with the editor itself huge improvement over the old one. That said patiently and eagerly awaiting the editor hotfix!

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New build is uploaded, let us know if updated game editor works for you

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@ifthisthenthat you welcome, let us know if you'll encounter any other issues in map making process

@esorokin I can't figure out how to set the size of the tires for vehicles. The guide doesn't cover this.

Also for others reading I had to move the files for levels I was making to the new prebuild folder.

What are the patches in the new build?

@Schlemmil I'm gonna guess:

PTS 6.2

-Editor functionality restored

Updated to 6.2
Media section doesn't populate.
If a scene is created i can add object from the "scene view" column but i m unable to explore in the "FileView" like it was in the first build with the editor.

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i still cant find the preloads

why dont i have these files ? this is really confusing .. even validating nothing ..

What kind of preload file are you looking for? I guess you mean prebuild?