Unable to change trucks in multiplayer.


Me and a couple of other people are experiencing a bug in multiplayer where we try to change trucks though the menu will close by itself after some milliseconds. None of us are experiencing this bug in singleplayer though. I'd appreciate some assistance with this problem of ours.

I am also having this problem...

Same problem here, registered an account just to second your statement. I reinstalled the game, the problem went away for a couple of games and then returned. Very annoying, I don't feel like reinstalling again, since I couldn't find any solution online and completed a few challenges, as single player doesn't have this issue. But I just bought the game to play with my cousin overseas and it looks I will have it to put it aside until this can be figured out. Disappointing. I hope a solution can be found.

Try to invite your friend or wait a full lobby then select your truck otherwise each time a person join or leave the lobby,the menu will shut down.