F750: change the bed

i get the idea of having space by the cab for the crane/repair attachments, but the full length bed sticking way off the end of the truck is just laughable and is just gonna cause more problems. i suggest having a normal bed that fits were it should, then a bed with the front end chopped off to fit the other attachments.

The 76 ford 750 Is a utility truck it never came with a bed or even had a bed out of factory that's how it is in real life look it up I hate that everyone is complaining about the bed when irl there was no pick up bed option the truck is fine

i did a a search and it appears there are many configurations. the frame doesn't have to be that long.

at the same time there were quite a few with a fifth wheel and a second rear axle so im 100% onboard for those options too.

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@G450NEGUNS Yeah, that´s a beauty! I want this one!!