Spanish Translation issues(7.5 fixed)

Hello I found some translation mistakes in the spanish version that remains on the game since the beginning and create a lot of confusion.

-The first is with cargos, "Concrete Slab" and "Concrete Blocks" in the spanish version were translated to the same thing but one in singular and the other in plural and that situation induce you to pick the wrong material.
"Concrete Slab" was translated to "Losa de cemento" and "Concrete Blocks" was translated to "Losas de cemento" wich is the same but in plural.
I think that for "Concrete Blocks" the best translation will be "Bloques de cemento" wich is the litteral translation. or if you want "Baldosas de cemento" wich means "Concrete Tiles" in english and is exactly what the cargo looks like.

-The other is with the trailers that has the name wrong and create confusion with the tipe of coupling needed.
The "Flatbed Trailer" was translated to "Semiremolque con plataforma" but in spanish the good translation for that is "Remolque con plataforma" or "Remolque plataforma".
The other is the "Ramped Flatbed Trailer" wich was traduced to "Semiremolque con plataforma y rampa" and the correct is "Remolque con plataforma y rampa" or "Remolque plataforma con rampa"
As you can see the mistaken word "trailer" in spanish is "remolque", and "Semiremolque" in english is "Semi-trailer"

Thanks for your time, if i find more i will update the post

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Hello I noticed that in the live version 6 all wrong translations are corrected.
But the "Flatbed trailer" still wrong it must be "Remolque plataforma"

Great work the team for the correct that small details.

thanks for report, we will fix that as well

@esorokin thanks for your work, keep going


hello, All the previous reported wrong translations are fixed in 7.1, However i found one that i think i forgotten in the previous reports.


As you can see appears as "Remolque pesado de cama baja" that is wrong the correct is "Semiremolque pesado de cama baja"

Great work, your in a great path solving all the issues even the tiny ones. Keep it going.

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@esorokin All fixed in 7.5
Great work, keep it going.