Mobile recon unit, how it works? Is bugged?

Hello after complete the contract Forgotten Prototipe, I've been using the mobile recon unit and i don't know if i'm doing it properly, To use it i press "V" an then click in "Activate Radar" and a HUD appear telling me to press "4 Radar", If I press "4" the radar deploy and made a 360º turn in both directions and when it finished it hide inside of the trailer and nothing happens, after that if i look at the map, the map has colour but it doesn't show the Upgrade locations.
Is the mobile recon unit intended to show upgrade locations if they are in range? or the only funcition is to colour the map?


it will show upgrades/tasks/vehicles after PTS build update, so it's basically a mobile watchtower

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@esorokin Thanks for the answer, so right now in the PTS 6.0 doesn't have its full operating capability, but it will have it in the 6.0 live version?

@treneroefc we are going to update PTS build once more with a number of fixes including this one

@esorokin Oh, thats a great work thanks

@esorokin you guys looking into increasing the fuel capacity or making only work when your vehicle is running?

Where is the code that controls the detection range?