Demolitions rebalancing ideas

Right now the class quite spammy, especially on smaller more infantry focussed maps. With the heavy carrier you can have a grenade launcher (2 rounds) AND a rocket launcher (2 rockets) and still have a decently upgraded gun (e.g. M16+2x optic+flashhider or AKM+PKAS+flashhider, especially in semi auto both setups are super good).

So I had a few ideas, which do you prefer?

A. Make all launchers 1 point more expensive. This way you can still combine a GL, RL and heavy carrier, but either have to go with a barebones AKM/G36 or M16A2/A4 with 1x sight (no flashhiders).

B. Increase horizontal recoil with GL (quite dramatically), need a compensator to reset this to normal. If you want a decently performing gun, combining GL and RL is no option, else you end up with a M16 with compensator only.

C. Lock RL's if you choose a GL (and vice versa). Simply make combining no option at all. With this we can potentially bring back the 2x 40mm with light carrier and 3x 40mm with heavy carrier to not completely nerf the demo class.

D. Combine some of the above ideas or new suggestions?

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Lol, 90% players who carry explosive stuffs dont know how use it right. I've seen players with 300+ ingame level who suicide self with RL or GL. 300+ level just imagine. 300+ hours. Enought to be able use explosives properly. At least RL. 🤔

still happens to me sometimes 😂 like the collision box of the rockets seems to be so big where you often feel you have more than enough space to fire and you know what happens next...

it's another subject really but sometimes it can really ruin the experience and needs fixing imo. Either a collision box fix or or spawn position fix, whatever is causing it. A safe-arm distance would fix it too.