PS4 (NOT Pro) steering bug. Unplayable!

I did a post recently on this and I put incorrect info! So I'm redoing it here. I don't see anyone talking about this, yet I've confirmed this bug several times in random coop games.

When turning the SAME direction multiple times, the wheels turn the opposite direction first before turning the way you want. In trucks like the Fleetstar it delays steering and makes you go straight for a bit, it makes big sweeping turns almost impossible. On trucks like the M916 it steers you into trees, poles and guardrails making it unusable.

The ONLY trucks I've found that are NOT affected by this bug are most if not all scouts and the Navistar.

***Turn wheel LEFT, let it auto center..... Turn wheel LEFT again and the wheels will turn to the RIGHT before turning LEFT. *** It does this while sitting still or driving, engine on or off, going forward or reverse and steering left or right.

I love this game! I come from a family of truckers. I love being able to manage loads and see how many jobs I can get done without turning around. In my opinion the graphics are a minor bug compared to this.

Same bug I reported on Xbox