Ford F 750 - No effect by changing the engines

Only one is going from B- to B at the last engine upgrade... Is it wanted like that?

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The whole engine pattern is wrong. Ford F750 is a way too heavy to be able to move with light scout engines. Especially when equipped with crane and loaded.
Maybe if it used engine pattern from Hummer H2, it would be better. But it is the truck with the size of International Loadstar 1700, that use truck engines, but strangely cannot carry any cargo, except support modules or single crane without flatbed.

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Yeah, I have to agree about the light scout engine there. The F 750 seems heavy enough that those engines appear to be a bit anemic to say the least. I was surprised that the ratings would not change when I switched engines, but I haven't had any truck die on me that easily when switching into high gear either, so these abysmal values even for the strongest engine might just be legit.

I can't work out if this is 4th or 5th Gen? From what I've read the 5th gen should have some powerful engine options but then I've seen conflicting specs pointing towards a perkings inline 4 and another saying cat V8 diesel? Also inline 4, 6 and V8 petrol?

I was a bit disappointed that it struggles to pull its own weight let alone anything else.

The engine they put on the F750 xml are the one used on light weight scout while the mass is 3000, instead it should be the same has the Loadstar wich as a mass of 2000.

Template in use:


Template who should be used:


or other variant like the one not unlocked yet

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i really hope devs fix the engine issues, such a fun tank gimped due to not enough power. i did use a fix engine mod, that let's it use a much more powerful engine that is currently not available for unlocking.

with that mod f750 is very good

In reality the F-750 is a real powerful workhorse with big V8 engines!

In 1968, a Caterpillar V8 diesel was introduced, becoming the first medium-duty Ford conventional to offer a diesel engine.

Now surely there's plenty of V8 diesels in the game already? How hard is it for Devs to give us one for the 750? I'm happy using a mod ATM but I'm sure a lot of these mods are messed with regarding handling/traction.