Ford 750 and TUZ 16 - lots of problems

It looks like both truck are in a very early stage of the development, since there are a lot of problems with them. Some of them come by design the developers decided to do.
First, both trucks are heavy scouts. But get the ability to carry single cargo unit. May I ask you, why then International Loadstar 1700 did not get such ability, though it has a crane addon too? And why Kodiak C70 or ZiKZ 5368 cannot use autonomous winch. They are the same size and weight and similar design. (IRL GAZ 66 and MAZ 505 were competitors in the same contract).
At the same time F750 now is using engines from light scouts and can barely move itself when loaded.
Let alone, that module design is this much bad, that leaves huge holes after cabin, if spare wheel is not used. There is not my video below, but it clearly demonstrates the craziness of such design.
Common sense, proper balance, where are you?

  • TUZ 16 is unrealistically short. It should be extended and has an ability to use 2 unit fletbed. In fact it should be Russian analog of Kodiak C70. Or at least like Zikz.
  • Ford 750 should not have hole after cabin, when used without spare wheel.
  • Kodiak C70 should have shorter frame, or should get the ability to use small crane as well.

The design of modules and their placement on many trucks should be fixed. There are should not be big gaps after cabin and module. Module length should be in accordance to the frame.
Please stop balancing the truck from pint of game design. Look at real life examples. Then build you game around it. Not upside down. Otherwise never, NEVER use the word simulation in ANY of your advertisement. Both new trucks added to the game are just ugly, useless pieces of junk.

Also note the bugs:
TUZ 16 only interior color is changed. Same problems as Kolob 74941 that has already been reported, but never fixed.

Youtube Video

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.24 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.24 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.24 -

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agree! live examples!

first of them -never compare utility vehicle gaz 66 and universal chassis maz 509

maz 509 was used for big cranes, long logs, many more big jobs.

shishiga never used for cranes, and logging (some experimental setups doesnt mean its wide usage)

so they never competed IRL, please dont spread fakes, because devs might believe you...

@Stazco Не забудь, что помимо 509 был еще и 505 мазик - прототип.

This is a small documentary about GAZ 66 and MAZ 505 competition for governmental contract. Use subtitles and translate into English.

Youtube Video

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haha...vid maker is full ЛОХ...
read youtube comments...
its two absolutely different vehicles, in diff classes!
like we compare zil 131 and kraz 255...

and the meaning of the video - why maz 505 wasnt used by army? he answers - becouse maz is much heavier...
so it just justified my statement- maz for big jobs, gaz for small.

and we dont have maz 505, we have here maz 509 (dual rear wheels), used mainly for logging (with special winch to load empty trailer on chassis)...shishiga)))

apart from this pure fake (gaz66=maz) i partly agree with your concerns about new vehicles.

but its clear that all dlc vehicle made BEFORE game release, and now they dont have resources to remake dlc or, as you asked, - ALL vehicles...they prioritize bugs, and its good.

no one argues that these generic addons are wrong on most vehicles, by look, size and sometimes by meaning.

someday, maybe after phase4, we will get our unique addons, like it was in mudrunner- each addon is unique (like irl, kungs and fuel cisterns are different), perfectly fitted to each chassis

I have a question- do new vehicles have front bumper WITH THE WINCH?

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OMG LOL at those screenshots. WTF are those huuuge gaps of nothing between the cab and the addons???? That would never fly in reality, such a massive waste of space and screws up the weight distribution.

The Ford 750 is so long now that it is totally unusable for scouting. Without the gap it would be comparable to the loadstar. Why did it have a crane? Both loadstar and this vehicle are overburdened by the crane.
I think the real problem with the size of the loading area is the load unit system. The devs wanted coherent sizes of cargo. Instead the cargo size has to adjust to the loading space if you want good looking trucks (or just not grotesque looking like this ones).

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@Schlemmil said in Ford 750 and TUZ 16 - lots of problems:

The Ford 750 is so long now that it is totally unusable for scouting.

I have successfully used the giant Kolob 74941 towing a fuel trailer and the Voron AE-4380 with a fuel tank installed as scouts on several of the maps 🙂 .

Both vehicles look fine IMO and I can’t wait to get them - as I can’t wait to get the graphical downgrade on PS4 fixed.

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I used the Ford in it´s "original state" to reach the first watchtower (beneath the sawmill) in Black River Michigan. And it barely made it because it couldn´t drive around slightly mudded curves hill upward. It was to long for the curves in the first place. If the Ford with it´s meter of nothing between pickup cap and pickup bed looks fine in your eyes, thats fine. I for myself would like the option to build this as a pure pickup without the very long wheelbase. As it is now you have to attach a further repair addon to fill the gap building a pure scout repair vehicle.
The GAZ 66 is okay so! I see where they were going with this: Repair, scout, small refuel and pick it up and deliver. That are four roles and the loading bed didn´t look all too silly just maybe a little bid. They could shove the crane 50 cm to the fore and make the kung 60 cm longer so it is rectangular and not "1 loading space" quadratic anymore.

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The F750 gap is not something uncommon on US pickup it is filled with what the customer/company request weither it is welding equipment or something else.
Maybe a long version could be added since the mesh can be scaled in one axis quite easily.

I'll say one thing about the look of the F 750 with that gap: if you give us such a visual cue that we should put more stuff on the truck it would be pretty nice if the thing had a motor that is able to pull all that stuff without croaking as soon as you switch into high gear on a small incline.

As for the Tuz 16: I actually like that little thing with its small versions of frame addons. If it was more similar to the ZiKZ it would lose its flavour as this hybrid thing between scouts and larger trucks, emphasised by the existence of the autonomous winch which seems juuuuust strong enough to flip an equipped Tuz 16 back onto its wheels (and could maybe use a minor boost to make it a bit less reluctant about doing so).
I still have to torture it a bit more, but so far it seems like a pretty decent successor to the B-66 which is not much of a surprise given they seem to be based on the same truck.

The problem is lack of logic in game design, and how it challenges the players the wrong way. Look what we have.

Tuz 16
Off Road truck class
Shares motors with Zikz and Step. The most powerful engine has more power then Kodiak
Has new medium autonomous winch
Only 1 cargo unit
Unrealistically short
Can have crane and normal truck trailer at the same time

International Loadstar 1700
Scout class
Shares motors with Kodiak and a lot of other US trucks
Has light autonomous winch
Can attach only scout trailers
Cannot carry any cargo itself

Zikz 5368
Off Road truck class
No autonomous winch
Can carry 2 cargo
Crane is conflicting with everything
Spare wheel is conflicting with everything (bug?), even saddle low. You can put it, but it will not allow attach any trailer for saddle low.
Can attach trailers only when does not have flatbed (short frame)

Ford 750
Scout class
Share engines with light International Scout 800 (heavy truck uses engines from a car)
Has light autonomous winch
Can have a crane, a 1 unit flatbed and truck size trailers!!!! (and can barely move itself like this)
Cannot use scout trailers, though it is a scout

Kodiak C70
Heavy Duty truck class
No autonomous winch
Can carry 2 cargo
Crane is conflicting with flatbed
Whatever module you put, the end of the frame is sticking out behind it

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.25 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.25 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.25 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.25 -
SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.25 -

The way it should be.

  • Kodiak C70 should have shorter frame.
  • Tuz 16 should be extended to the size it used to be in Spintires 2014 (see screenshots below)
    Tuz 16 should get a 2 unit sideboard and a module, that will take 1 unit of the bed for service parts and fuel.
    Tuz 16 should have the same condition for crane conflicting with sideboard as Zikz
  • Ford 750 should use more powerful engines. At least from Hummer H2, but better form trucks
  • Medium autonomous winch is not necessary, or it should be discovered upgrade as a end game content for heavy scouts only.
  • All heavy scouts should not use scout trailers, but should be able to use normal trailers.
  • Tuz 420 should get the ability to use normal trailers too, but loose any autonomous winch (armored BTR-80 is 13 ton truck, it cannot be hauled by light autonomous winch). As well as natural ability to float without mod.
  • Light scout trailers should be used only by light scouts, including Khan 39. Fix it finally, this DLC car is unusable with 40l tank. At least 60l tank, scout trailers conflicting with spare wheel, less powerful engines (even with Kt104 it pulls too hard for it's size). And fix roof racks that its content does not disappear after usage, unlike other scouts.

Proper Tuz 16 (B-66) frame size
Spintires Screenshot 2020.06.25 -
Proper Tuz 16 (B-66) repair module
Spintires Screenshot 2020.06.25 -
Proper repair and refuel module for sideboard module or trailer
Spintires Screenshot 2020.06.25 -

@Dvoryaninoff Передай эти предложения разрабам. Если новые грузовики выйдут в релиз так, как они сейчас сделаны на PTS - это будет очередной fail.

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Zikz 5368 addon conflict does not happen anymore if it still does to you, sell the truck then buy it again to refresh the configuration.

The only "conflict" remaining would be if you try to combine crane plus fuel citern(fifth wheel) wich is not a problem and the backup wheel wich given the space left is understandable.

Other than that i tend to agree regarding addon configuration and frame configuration some are just something you would never see on road because of the danger it create.


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so we can use small crane and semitrailers on zikz? in 5.0 or in 6.0?

crane and flatbed?

thank you!
i dont know...maz 509 was able to wear crane and cargo, for sure...but i liked its limitations, so i used kraz 6443 as big crane to load maz...more fun

so now kodiak also able to have such combos?
and kraz (tayga) too have crane and flatbed?

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TUZ 16 should remain a short 1 cargo slot truck!

however those huge gaps are between addon's are unacceptable.

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No flaming here, just my reaction to what you say.

So basically, all trucks should be the same? then we just need ONE truck in the game, right?

I think the 750 is a prefect example of bridging the scouts and the trucks, it's a "car" withautomous winch, AND can tow truck trailers, it fits the gap just perfect.

I agrre the screenshot without an addon between cab and bed looks silly, just make another sized bed and that would have taken care of this problem.

But otherwise, i have droven my 750 ( fully uppgraded) along some pretty messy swamps WITH a trailer WITH a car on, so no it's not useless, and with all the extra addons you get alot of reapair points and fuel, i like this car alot....a bit slow and somewhat underpowered yes, but very cool!

@evilomatic said in Ford 750 and TUZ 16 - lots of problems:

So basically, all trucks should be the same? then we just need ONE truck in the game, right?

i hate when ppl whine - give all options to all trucks...its modern rl globalization approach- all cars and trucks now also almost the same, often made from the same components.

i like this series for old school fleet, and its diversity...but now devs listen to these ppl and remove diversity

Kodiak has it but it is not suited for the current truck configuration:

-frame is too long for a fifth wheel set up, thus should be removed
-heavy sadle/fifth wheel is present too and should be removed

Something who is missing in the game is the ability to change frame configuration to keep a proper set up.


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