The season pass content from this is having me worried about the future releases

Happy that you guys began testing for the winter map but I was seriously hoping for more extreme cargo and deliveries across the ice roads. I Like the map exploration but what really made me come to like this game was fact you can figure out how to get certain loads through the different terrain to get your drop off. But with this map its majority of contracts using your scout vehicle. On top of that its only one zone with map can you explain these decisions for this? @esorokin @Jellyfoosh

Well, it's entirely possible that they haven't rolled out all of the missions for that map yet. Especially considering there's at least one additional map still to come in the Kola Peninsula region (Afrikanda), and presumably some missions will be cross-map ones, as per usual.

I'm sort of hoping that there'll turn out to be more than just two maps per DLC region myself... but at least Lake Kovd appears to be a full-sized 2x2km map, and looks to be far more wild and less tarmac-y than the Alaska maps... looking forward to playing the final version myself.

There are supposedly some xtreme cargo addons coming with Phase 1, I expect them to be integrated into the new maps as well. As said before me there will be at least 2 maps in this region. I think they jsut aren't rolling everything out at once to keep the PTR testing more focused on one area, to smash bugs quicker per map.

I think the exploration with your scout vehicle is a welcome addition to the game however. The other maps can be done almost entirely without a scout vehicle and there is little to no emphasis on using them, besides some of the get from point "A to point B fastest" or "Get to each area" missions. Honestly, adding more of the same cargo deliveries would be kinda boring. The ice that breaks is easy to spot so I dont think there is much of a challenge there for larger trucks since you can just go around them or bring another truck to drag you through it...both are the same solutions as every other map.

I like that I have to use the scout, perhaps more deliveries where the scout would excel would make the map more interesting in that regard, literal pathways that are only just big enough to fit a scout, or literally the only way to get to the point is over thin ice and every otehr truck besides your scouts are too heavy.. Where bigger trucks woudl always get stuck.

IDK to each their own I guess, I tthink its too soon to make a judgement on this. WE'll have to wait until further into the PTR/ full release.

They are dripfeeding us the content to us,

Phase 1 consist of more then just 1 tiny map and 2 addiotional trucks. They are releasising content when its ready, instead of making 1 big patch, you will get multiple smaller patches.

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