Caterpillar 745C steering problem(xml misconfiguration) PTS 7.3

xml misconfiguration in "TruckData"


The current value will make the truck turn in the opposite direction then apply the command from the gamepad, wheel or keyboard.

Turning in right or left will result in a small opposite turn from the initial direction followed by the original input.

Video:(didfferent truck but same result)

How to reproduce:
-turn left or right fast or slow while looking at the front of the truck using gamepad analog stick or keyboard input.
-wheel wil turn in the opposite direction then in the intended direction

In "TruckData" Responsiveness parameter need correction, after that the truck will follow input direction properly.


Current value:


"Intended" value:

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Issue still apply in 6.3 if the steering mode is set to "steering wheel" configuration.
It is not an issue if the steering mode is set to "gamepad" configuration since the delay compensate for that.

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