Al my truck at Zimnegorsk vanished Ps4

I started task lost instruments task, that i must have truck with crane, deliver all four Consumables to Pier
Task is at Zimnegorsk
3 azov 2 tatarina andv1 tayga was at map
With azov i went tgere and took one of them to pier then i quit game(return to menu) and switch off ps4
Today when i start play i cant see my trucks and two task rescue tatarina and step 310 restored mean do it again
I search my trucks on garage but i cant see them
I search on Zimnegorsk and drowned land
Any suggestion

I checked all of my garage but i cant find them
Anybody hearing?

This is the bug report section for Mudrunner not Snowrunner, so if you post other there, you may get a faster response than here.

Many of my trucks that have "disappeared" I have found on random other region maps, so it may help to load into other regions and search there if you haven't already.