PTS 6.0: Map-Editor: Grouping doesn't work

So I was working with the editor on the PTS Update 6.0 and it seems that grouping for models, overlays, distributions and so on doesn't work for me.

When I add a group in the editor and add models to this group, the models and their groups don't get saved in the level_mapname.xml.

Without group everything works fine, the models show up in the .xml and get saved.

Could you please provide a screenshot of your error? In this version of game editor sub groups were moved to a separate files

With the Update and the changed file path, the problem has been solved, the groupes get saved and work fine. I can't replicate the error, so I don't know what caused the problem in the first place.

Sorry for the delay, somehow I don't get notifications for this forum anymore, have to look at it.