so far i have found 0 game breaking bugs, there are only 2 small complaints

Not sure if its intentional but the mission/task "self contained antique" is in the exact spot where the trailer store was located in taymar, for the 3 hour test i did, i kept driving up waiting for 3 seconds before realizing it wasnt the trailer store (because my mind was on autopilot and thats where it was in taymar)

second issue, the new Ford 750 scout can't use the new scout mobile watchpoint trailer, not sure if thats intentional or just a bug

EDIT:after some more testing i have found a few more issues, like Crane not working and a large ground of rebindable controls in the settings menu that do nothing.....but i wouldnt consider any of these issues game breaking (since you can autoload most crates and the large crane still seems to work)

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